SMS Sweepstake Service

Sweepstake Value Added Service

The Sweepstake Service allows you to run a prize draw with predefined winning codes. Codes are sent in via SMS and participants are notified accordingly as to whether they have own or not.

The Sweepstake service allows users to run and manage SMS based contests. The person running the contest is the Sweepstake owner and defines (e.g. by running a draw) before the start of the contest the set of winning codes and the prizes each of these codes will win. End users can then participate in the contest by sending in an SMS message with their code to see if they will win. The codes are distributed to the users via a different medium. If the user has sent in a winning code, he/she is recorded as a winner of the service and is sent the appropriate notification message defined by the Sweepstake manager. All users that do not win receive an SMS message thanking them for their participation, or any other message the manager wishes to send.

Usage Scenarios

Sweepstake services are used in SMS competitions where scratch cards, or on-pack promotions contain a code that might win a certain prize. They are mainly aimed for newspapers/magazines or “on-pack promotions”, that contain a code either on the packaging, or inside the product.



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