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The TVChat Service is a service designed especially for TV Shows. It allows you to receive SMS messages from the viewers of your show. In addition, you can edit any inappropriate messages and display accepted SMS messages on screen.


The TVChat service is a Text2Screen service that allows SMS messages to be displayed in TV shows on the screen, in (almost) real time. A functionality offered by this service is the ability to control which messages get displayed on screen, and edit all messages, if desired, before these get displayed. The TVChat service can give audience the feeling that they are participating in a virtual “SMS chat room”. This “chat room” is accessible to all users who send a message to the short code used by the service. All messages received are then displayed in the moderation page, where messages can be accepted, rejected and edited by the owner of the service. All the messages that have been accepted are then displayed in the VAS details page, and are also made available for display on screen. Finally, all messages that have already been displayed on screen are marked as such, so that the service owner knows which have already been displayed or not.

To display the messages on screen all TVChat service owners are provided with a special Windows application which handles the rendering of the SMS messages. This is presented in the final chapter of the TVChat manual, available from the link on the right.

Usage Scenarios

TVChat services are used exclusively by TV shows that want to display incoming SMS messages on the TV screen, as part of their broadcast, and also wish control over the content of each message, so as to avoid inappropriate or offensive content being viewed by the audience.



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