User Management


Our SMS Platform provides you, as the administrator, with the ability to give your customers access to a Sign Up form, allowing them to create an account online.

This way you can redirect internet users from your promotional site to the SMS Platform Sign Up form, so they can then test and use your SMS Services.

Unlimited Users = Unlimited Customers

There is absolutely no limit on the number of users/customers you can have on the system, meaning you can create any number of accounts and support even different users within the same company.

Role-Based Access

The platform web-based administration & management tool implements a role-based access system, meaning that you can control exactly what information each can user can view, and what actions they can perform. You can thus assign a different set of permissions to each user or group of users, so that different types of users within the same company can have access to a different set of information & actions.

E.g. you might only want to allow the accounting department account access to the billing reports and not to view the incoming / outgoing SMS.

CRM Integration

Our SMS Platform allows you to keep your user list up-to-date with CRM software (e.g. Zoho CRM). Our Sign Up form provides you (the administrator) with the option of automatically generating a new lead for every new user in your system, allowing for a much smoother CRM processing cycle.


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