Draws / Lotteries


All the Value-Added Services in the SMS Platform provide the functionality of performing draws between the participants of your service.

This will help you if you have prizes that you want to award to random participants of your services, or if you are regularly running contests, or competitions.

Ballot , and basic actions in a VAS

In the view page of every VAS (e.g. Opinion, Vote, Quiz) you will find a section like this at the top right. By clicking the last icon, you will be taken to the wizard for running a new draw.

Wizard Steps

The draw wizard offers both simple and advanced functionality, described below.

STEP 1 : Number of Winners

In its simplest form, the platform user can simply select the number of winners to be extracted from all of the participants in a particular service.

There are some more advanced options as well, if you require more control over your draws.


  • Unique participants: There might be some participants of your service, which have sent more than one SMS messages from their mobile phones. By selecting “Unique Participants” only the first message from each participant (i.e. mobile phone) will be inserted into the draw , regardless of how many each participant has sent. If you wish your participants to have more chances of winning the more SMS messages they send, then do not select this option.
  • Redraw Winners: If you select this option, each participant has the same chances of winning each separate prize. This means that each participant can be drawn more than once as a winner, even if they have only sent one SMS message. This is useful if you want one participant to be able to win multiple prizes with one message.
  • Valid VAS Participants: For various reasons, it might be desirable that some of the participants of a specific 2-way SMS Service type are not shown in the VAS Overview page where you can see the incoming SMS and statistics. By default, all participants are included in the draw (even those not shown), however, if you select this option only valid participants (i.e. those shown on the VAS Overview page) will be included in the draw.
In addition to these options, there are two more optional steps which can only be filled in if necessary:

STEP 2 : Time Periods (Optional)

Ballot step 2 The second step requires you to select the dates for which you wish the report to be generated. If you do not fill in any dates, all messages received by this service are entered into the draw, regardless of the date received.

STEP 3 : Exceptions (Optional)

Ballot step 3 The final step is also optional and allows you to specify the exclusion of specific numbers from the draw. You can exclude as many phone numbers or groups of phone numbers as you wish.
The algorithm used is explained in detail in the Draws / Lotteries Manual.


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