SMS Panorama Service

Panorama Value-Added Service

The Panorama Service allows you to setup a contest or competition where users are called to answer a multiple choice question. You simply define a list of possible answers and mark the correct one. Each answer by an end user is sent in as an SMS message containing the keyword of the answer. 

The Panorama VAS allows its users to organise and run SMS votes, as part of some contest. The participants of the contest can take part by sending an SMS message answering the question of the contest, which is published in another medium, such as a newspaper, the radio or TV, a website, a magazine, etc. The service offers the organizer the ability to set a response SMS message, confirming the successful vote of each participant, or conveying any other appropriate message. In addition the organiser is also given the option to automatically notify the participants of the vote results. Finally, the service allows its owner to an XML with the service parameters and participant statistics.

Usage Scenarios

Panorama Services are used in contests which have the form of a single multiple choice question, with a single correct answer. E.g. "In which year did Greece join the European Union?" 



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