Mobile App: SMSP Inbox


 The SMSP Suite of tools extends connectivity options with its SMS Gateway Mobile Application: SMSP Inbox, which can be used to route incoming & outgoing SMS on the mobile phone it is installed on to/from our platform.

Our SMSP Inbox app allows you to use your own mobile phone number as the gateway to receive SMS messages from consumers (e.g. in the case of a radio station show where consumers text in to a long code), and send auto-replies, as well as group SMS messages that you can compose on our web-based Campaign Manager. 

How It Works

Your Own SMS Gateway

Interconnections to 3rd-party providers for 2-way SMS messaging can be needlessly expensive, especially in marketing scenarios where premium short codes or high throughput connections are not necessary. In addition, you have to find the right partner at the right cost, to interconnect to - meaning there is considerable lead time in getting set up.

With our SMSP Inbox mobile application for Android phones, you can be up and running in minutes, performing your own set up.

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Quick & Easy Setup

1. Create an account on our Online Demo (you can quickly sign up with your Google/Hotmail account).

2. Download the app from Google Play.

3. Login to the app.

You're now ready to start your tests!




When enabled, only the incoming messages (MOs) starting with the specified keywords are forwarded to the SMSP Platform, so that you can only send relevant messages for a specific service running on a specific keyword in the platform.


When enabled, this allows SMSP Inbox to forward messages only during specific hours of the day to be forwarded to the SMSP Platform for processing. 

Black List

Messages from Blacklisted contacts are never forwarded, so you can maintain some of your incoming SMS private.