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The SMSP Suite of tools comes bundled with our robust, enterprise-level SMS Gateway software, which routes incoming & outgoing SMS using a powerful rule-based system and also provides inter-connectivity with third parties for delivering / receiving SMS.




routingIn a dynamic environment of constant change and varying credibility and pricing of the different SMS routes you will be using, it is important to be able to quickly switch routes and use fallback ones, where available. When SMS are being sent in the thousands per minute, changing the route just in time, before the SMS messages have being dispatched, can make the difference between a positive and a negative balance sheet at the end of the month.

Routing in our SMS Gateway is both:

  • dynamic - defining new handlers, starting/stopping current handlers, and changing the routing are all on-the-fly operations (there is no need to restart anything) and take effect within a couple of seconds after you have saved the new configuration,
  • flexible - routing is decided on a rule-based system, and you can use virtually any criteria when writing your rules and tweak many details, meaning you can start separating your SMS traffic.


nodesOur SMS Gateway provides seamless integration with the third parties providing SMS connectivity (be it Mobile Network Operators, or International SMS Aggregators).

  • SMPP
  • CIMD2
  • UCP
  • custom HTTP implementations.

In addition, our standards-compliant gateway provides you with key features crucial for your business success:

Delivery Notifications

dlrKnowing the detailed status of each and every SMS sent is crucial for providing top quality services to your customers. Even in today's world, SMS messages don't always get delivered (what with mobile phones being off, out of network, etc.) so your customers will want to know exactly why each message was charged, but not delivered. Our SMS Gateway retrieves the status report (DLR) for each message (Note: this MUST also be supported from the SMS Provider, where applicable) and makes sure the information is made available in your detailed dispatch history reports.

Ported Numbers Support

hlr1Since Mobile Number Portability (MNP) came in the mobile phone scene, all SMS aggregators were faced with the issue of sending each SMS message to the correct destination network (as Mobile Network Operators might a. charge extra to deliver, b. not deliver SMS messages to numbers not in their network). The home location register (HLR) solution came up, which is a central database that contains details of each mobile phone subscriber that is authorized to use the GSM core network. Our SMS Gateway supports lookup requests to the HLR, (through third parties, where applicable) , so that the network which a mobile number belongs to can be identified before dispatch.


performance_iconIn Bulk SMS, it is no secret that profit comes from handling large volumes of SMS. The more you send, the more you make - and that is why it is crucial to be able to handle large amounts of SMS traffic.

To put it simply: If one of your customers wants to send 10.000 SMS and that takes up all your system resources for an hour, building up queues of all other messages from all other customers until then - it is simply no good.

Our SMS Gateway, with its lightning fast routing (of ~50.000 SMS / second), is only really limited by rate-control practices commonly adopted by aggregators to prevent abuse, or other factors, such as e.g. protocol-specific restrictions, network failures, etc.

Dynamic Billing

As you probably already know, flexibility in charging different amounts based on a number of different criteria (such as e.g. customer, route used, destination network, time of day, etc.), is crucial. 

Our SMS Gateway provides interconnection with a powerful, as well as flexible, billing system that allows you to perform rule-based billing, where you can select your criteria and apply the appropriate billing modifications, to be able to fulfill the requirements of today's business world.


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