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Our Mobile Marketing Platform comes with additional tools - available as mobile applications - that can simplify a marketer's job. 

Custom Mobile App Development

In addition to the below, we also offer custom development services to help you deliver to your customers the mobile apps that are right for their business. Please contact us to discuss your needs so we can come up with a quote. 

Bundled Mobile Apps

Our platform offers the following two Android apps, available on Google Play:


Mobile App: SMSP NFC


 SMSP NFC is an Android application that solves the problem of the personalization / creation of your NFC tags, allowing you to easily and cost-effectively create the NFC Tags needed in promoting your Campaigns.

SMSP NFC displays all Services and mCoupons that have been already set up in the Campaign Manager, which can utilize web-based technologies –like Web Forms and mCoupon Scan & Win.


Mobile App: SMSP Inbox


 The SMSP Suite of tools extends connectivity options with its SMS Gateway Mobile Application: SMSP Inbox, which can be used to route incoming & outgoing SMS on the mobile phone it is installed on to/from our platform.

Our SMSP Inbox app allows you to use your own mobile phone number as the gateway to receive SMS messages from consumers (e.g. in the case of a radio station show where consumers text in to a long code), and send auto-replies, as well as group SMS messages that you can compose on our web-based Campaign Manager. 

X-Media MarketingSMS, NFC, QR, Web


Mobile Marketing Campaigns on multiple mediums: SMS, QR Codes, NFC, and Web Opt-ins.

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