Revenue Sharing


The Revenue Sharing Tool can be used to extract automatically generated reports about the profits of the platform users running Premium SMS services, over specified time periods.

This tool makes the process of handling your payouts to your Premium SMS clients a breeze, as everything is calculated automatically for you.

The SMS Platform offers an automated billing tool which can be used by platform administrators in order to automatically calculate how much they need to credit each of their clients (i.e. platform users). Also SMSP's Revenue Sharing Tool offer a number of configuration options, such as percentage of profits and tariff for each short code, which allow it to be used in any set of real world conditions. In all types of reports the administrator will just need to select the valid time period for the report, as well as select the users for which the report will be generated.

The same service can also be used by simple platform users and offers them the ability to quickly and easily view the profits from each of their services.


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