Pay As You Go

payandgoOur Mobile Marketing Platform supports using a Pay-As-You-Go type of business model for your customers, allowing you to charge your customers on a pre-pay type model, with different prices for Bulk SMS as well as 2-way SMS messages (MO & MT). 

Bulk SMS Pricelist

It is possible with our software to set up your own pricelist for your customers, which will contain a different price for every Bulk SMS message sent, depending on the destination carrier. 

In the global bulk SMS scenario, there is a different price for each SMS message sent to each carrier, so it makes sense for you to have the ability to charge your users different prices for the messages they send to the different carriers.

2-way SMS Pricelist

In the 2-way SMS Pay-As-You-Go model, you can also set up a single charge for incoming messages (MO), as well as auto-replies (MT), allowing you to charge your customers for messages sent and received to long codes, which usually have charges for these. 



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