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customplansIn the case a simple Pay-As-You-Go business model is not enough, our platform supports integration with a full billing system, allowing us to implement for you any type of billing logic for your company, using a powerful Business Rules Management software.

In this scenario, you can have both pre-pay & post-pay customers, monthly charges, pricing per customer, penalty fees for early cancellations, etc. This module supports complex billing logic that is usually suitable for Enterprise scenarios.

For example, with our Custom Plans module, it is possible to implement the following pricing structure:

Professional$ X

  • e.g. 1.000 SMS included
  • e.g. 10 Keywords included
  • $ X1 per Additional Keyword
  • $ X2 per SMS * (bundled **)
  • $ X3 per SMS * (extra **)

Enterprise$ Y

  • e.g. 10.000 SMS included
  • e.g. 100 Keywords included
  • $ Y1 per Additional Keyword
  • $ Y2 per SMS * (bundled **)
  • $ Y3 per SMS * (extra **)

* Note 1: It is possible to have individual rates per destination carrier

** Note 2: Bundled Usage refers to the usage within the monthly quota of the Account Plan. Extra usage refers to the costs when we have overcome our bundled monthly quota. 


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