SMSP Features

Our Mobile Marketing Platform allows all its customers to receive SMS messages from a number of short codes, (with the option of sending out automatic replies).

The SMS platform is separated into a backend application and a web application for the management of services. The backend application provides the business logic of the platform for the routing of SMS messages received, and the business logic of each service type for the processing of the SMS messages.

Mobile marketing platform solution

Technical Characteristics

  • Open architecture allows new services to be built into the platform and the communication / interconnection with other platforms or services.
  • Secure access to the platform management console from any computer connected to the internet.
  • Performance: Processing speed of 150+ incoming SMS per second , combined with reliability, even under the most demanding conditions.
  • The platform supports database schema selection (choose the data set from which you are viewing your data) in order to maximise performance, while also providing the ability to view unlimited history of SMS, services, etc.
The SMS platform frontend is a web-based application that allows platform users to view and manage mobile marketing services & incoming messages online, and provides a set of tools for the users' convenience. It is an application designed with usability in mind, using a user-centered design approach.


  • Quick and simple Interactive SMS Service setup in two or three simple steps.
  • Temporarily Pause services to alter service parameters, limit usage of a service to specific time periods (e.g. radio shows, events, etc) or delay the response messages for a later time. While a service is paused messages are still being received, but will not be processed until the service has been resumed.
  • Reconfigure your service parameters (end date, response message, keyword, etc. ) without losing incoming SMS messages, or having to recreate a new service.
  • SMS Sessions: Advanced mechanism that recognizes returning participants in a service and correctly routes their messages, even if they forget to insert the original service keyword.
  • Ad-Sponsored SMS Replies: provide an additional advertising channel to service sponsors, who can now have their brand name inserted at the end of each SMS reply to participants' mobile phones.

Tools & Capabilities

  • Export capabilities for all the information presented in Excel, PDF and RTF format.
  • Direct communication with service participants by sending an individual reply SMS through the service page.
  • Group participants in order to later be able to communicate with them via SMS, using the Bulk SMS tool.
  • Conduct draws for the participants of your services, through the Automated Draws tool.
  • Detailed reports of use, and many more statistics.
  • A testing module which can be used to send test messages, overriding the mobile telephony network, in order to test your services.
  • Moderate incoming messages by deciding which to accept / reject based on their content, and also edit message content appropriately.


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