BestCairo LLC Extends Premium SMS Services, powered by Cytech

BestCairo LLCBest Cairo has recently released a new set of Premium SMS services, extending its mobile marketing portfolio from existing Bulk SMS Services and Mobile Applications to become a one-stop shop for mobile marketing solutions not just in Egypt, but also abroad. 

Best Cairo LLC allows any business or individual to manage and maintain an SMS service online, by signing up and then purchase keywords for available SMS short codes.

The customer can then select from a range of different SMS services based on their individual needs. Best Cairo LLC includes off-the-shelf solutions for running SMS Votes, SMS Promotions, SMS Quizzes, SMS Opinion Casting, SMS Contests, and SMS Registration services.

SMS messages sent by consumers are received and processed by the Best Cairo Premium SMS Platform and then stored for online viewing by the customer, who can monitor their SMS campaigns in real-time.

The Best Cairo Mobile Marketing Platform is based on the SMS Platform (SMSP) developed by Cytech Ltd.; a mobile marketing platform that provides all the necessary functionalities and reporting tools for today’s SMS Marketing Campaigns.

The custom version of the SMS Platform used by Best Cairo LLC has been extended with new SMS services, in order to support clients’ emerging needs.

BestCairo Mobile Marketing Platform with Custom Branding

About Best Cairo LLC

Best Cairo LLC, is a fast growing company, located in Cairo, Egypt, specializing in developing innovative products to serve mobile markets worldwide.

For more information about Best Cairo LLC you can visit:


About Cytech Ltd.

Cytech Ltd. (http://www.cytech.gr/) is a mobile applications and solutions provider that applies innovative technology to solve today’s business challenges and create opportunities. The company provides clients with mobile expertise to assist in developing specific objectives and achieving them.

It is a one-stop mobile marketing powerhouse, with complete solutions for bluetooth / proximity marketing, SMS marketing campaigns, bulk SMS, or any other type of event marketing.


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