Online Payments, New Billing Models & Services Now Available

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Heraklion GREECE, June 6, 2013. Cytech Ltd announces online payments and new billing models. In addition, we've added a new simple way for bulk SMS dispatches and a service that enables advertisers to place their ads live on TV shows.

The overall performance of the platform can be tracked through a rich dashboard full of charts of the basic functions. 


 Online Payments

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The Mobile Marketing Platform integrates with popular payment gateways, such as PayPal, in order to allow Online Users to purchase credit online. Now the top up process is even faster and can be completed with few simple steps: the customers select their credit bundle, choose the payment gateway and as soon as the transaction will be completed they will immediately see the extra credits in their account!

New Billing Models

The platform billing system now includes additional billing models, not only based on SMS usage but also on other mediums' usage such as Mobile Coupon view / redemption, as well as per Web Opt-in Form submission.


 In particular, the billable items for a customer's account can include:

  • Lead Generation through Web Form
  • Mobile Coupon View
  • Mobile Coupon Redemption

These new additions allow the platform administrator to charge their customers on a per Impression, or per Conversion model, making it possible to offer CPM and CPC models for Online Lead Generation and Coupon campaigns.


Admin Dashboard

As soon as the platform administrator logs into the system, a range of charts appear at the main page of the platform showing the performance of the system, so problems can be attended to, in a timely fashion. At a glance, the administrator can now have an overview of the status of the system including the following information:


  • Payments History: keeps a complete log of information on past payments and amend customers' balance

  • Credit Bundles: sets the top up bundles that a customer can purchase

  • Redeem Codes: generates redeemable codes that can be exchanged for platform credit

  • Vendor Purchases: records all your purchases in this tool, so you can keep track of all your expenses

New Bulk & 2-way SMS Services

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Among the wide range of the 2-way SMS services that Mobile Marketing Platform offers, a new interactive service is now available. The TV Ads Service is designed especially for displaying ads on TV shows. This service offers businesses a different way for promotions on TV, more cost effective than buying air-time for advertisement or sponsorships. After placing an ad, the business will be notified after it has been approved, so they can know the precise time that the ad will be displayed on screen (e.g. 'Your ad has been approved and will be displayed for 10 mins. To purchase more ad space just send another message. ")


SMS from file
The bulk SMS dispatches can be now completed just by uploading a file in the system! The new feature "SMS from file" simplifies the process and enables the user to perform such an action with an easy way. The only required step is to upload a spreadsheet with the information for Sender, Recipient, Message and Schedule Date filled in in separate columns, thereafter the system validates the spreadsheet and completes the process of delivering the message to consumers' mobile phones!


You can check the Online Demo to see some of the new features first-hand or contact us for more information at info [AT] smsp.gr.


About Cytech Ltd.

Cytech is a mobile applications and mobile marketing solutions provider with an international customer base. With over 10 years of experience in the field of mobile marketing, the company provides consulting services in mobile marketing and develops its own software solutions which it customizes to the individual customer’s needs.

It is a one-stop mobile marketing powerhouse, with complete solutions for bluetooth / proximity marketing, SMS marketing campaigns, bulk SMS, or any other type of event marketing.





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