SMS, QR codes, NFC and WEB Opt-ins: An all-in-one Mobile Marketing Platform!

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Heraklio, GREECE, 6 September, 2012. Cytech Ltd. rolls out the latest version of its Mobile Marketing Platform that provides sophisticated Multi-Medium Mobile Marketing Campaigns, combined with capabilities for advanced billing models and enterprise billing logic. The software is a white-label solution, with international customers in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

With smartphone penetration rates rapidly increasing, mobile marketing is redefined through the new technologies added to handsets. The Mobile Marketing Platform from Cytech Ltd., following the latest trends in the mobile market, now supports advanced web opt-in features and combines multiple mediums in its campaigns.

The new version combines SMS with other exciting new technologies, such as QR Codes and Near-Field Communications (NFC). It brings together the existing 1-way (Bulk SMS) and 2-way SMS Marketing services (SMS Contests, Votes etc), with new Opt-in methods such as Web Forms, QR codes and NFC, all brought together in its customers’ campaigns.

It leaves it up to the marketer to implement virtually any marketing scenario they can think, mixing and matching different opt-in methods to cater for different consumers.

Choose how participants Opt-In:

With Cytech’s Mobile Marketing Platform it is now possible to create more engaging and dynamic marketing campaigns and give the power to the consumer to choose among a wide range of options to participate.

Apart from the standard SMS Opt-in, the software now also supports:

Web Forms Opt In

Since nowadays internet is the king of mediums, most promotional campaigns appear online. It is therefore reasonable to set up a web form, as a way for consumers to opt-in to a mobile marketing campaign. This allows any company to build up a list of customer contact details and increase its leads database. Online banners and text links campaigns are great ways to engage visitors and kick start mobile marketing campaigns. Having their contact details it is easy to communicate with them directly from within the software interface!

Examples: Online Banners, Text/Image Links, ‘Contact Us’ forms, Online Competitions, etc.

QR code Opt In

QR codes are easy to use and provide a rich media experience for customers. Embedding a QR code in a marketing strategy offers a great amount of possibilities due to their ease of creating and printing. QR codes offer integration with a variety of printing advertising mediums like brochures, newspapers, magazines and product's packages, and if thoughtfully placed, can offer great value to a campaign.

Examples: ‘Scan to Win’, ‘Scan to Enter’, ‘Scan to Subscribe’, ‘Scan to Play’

NFC Opt In

Near-Field-Communications (NFC) is gaining a great deal of attention because of its interactivity. NFC is slowly becoming a powerful mobile marketing tool that provides an interactive engagement opportunity for the mobile user. Moreover, using NFC as an opt-in method boosts a company’s tech profile and also provides better targeting options, since it can provide the customer with location-based information delivery at the appropriate time for purchase and decision making.

Examples: ‘Tap to Win’, ‘Tap to Enter’, ‘Tap to Subscribe’, ‘Tap to Play’

For all the aforementioned methods SMS Platform supports a double opt-in procedure, so the user cannot insert a mobile phone number other than their own.

Advanced Billing Models

Also, starting from version 5.5 SMS Platform comes along with advanced billing options that give to any enterprise the option of choosing its ideal business model. In brief, the new version of SMS Platform supports the following billing options:

  • Pay as you go: a business model that allows enterprises to charge their customers on a prepay type model, with different prices for bulk SMS as well as for 2 way SMS messages (MO&MT).

  • Revenue Sharing: an automated billing tool, which can be used both by platform administrators and simple users in order to calculate payouts from each of the Premium SMS services.

  • Account Plans: a model that supports complex billing logic suitable for any enterprise scenario that allows business to have both prepay and post pay customers, monthly charges, pricing per customer etc.

About Cytech Ltd.

Cytech Ltd is a mobile applications and mobile marketing solutions provider with an international customer base. Based on its 10-year experience in the field of mobile marketing, the company provides consulting services in mobile marketing and develops its own software solutions which it customizes to the individual customer’s needs.

It is a one-stop mobile marketing powerhouse, with complete solutions for bluetooth / proximity marketingSMS marketing campaignsbulk SMS, or any other type of event marketing.


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