Cytech Further Extends its Presence In Africa

Heraklion, Greece, May 7, 2012 - Mobile Marketing provider Cytech Ltd. expands its business to Rwanda on SMS Marketing Service.

Altitude Solutions Ltd, the new client of Cytech Ltd., is a mobile marketing service provider in Rwanda which supplies local business, government and non-governmental organization with mobile marketing services in order to reach their target audience with more economic and more creative methods.

As of today, Altitude Solutions Ltd. can broaden their business to the field of SMS / text-message marketing based on the SMS Platform acquired from Cytech Ltd., offering their customers a unique combination of 1-way Bulk SMS services, with a wide range of 2-way Interactive SMS services (SMS Votes, SMS Promotions, SMS Quizzes, SMS Opinion Casting, SMS Contests, and SMS Registration services, among others) based on their individual needs.

With our new collaboration we are once again delighted to see that mobile marketing becomes widely acknowledged. As we strengthen our presence in East Africa and grow our customer base our commitment to offer to our customers top quality services, constant innovation and expert support adapted to the needs of each market becomes even greater.” states Mr. Vagelis Antoniadis, co-founder of Cytech Ltd.

“Rwanda is becoming the Technology hub in East Africa, thanks to the government for setting up policies to achive that goal. Mobile technology is bringing people together, breaking the distance barrier for the benefit of the community. Now it's time to move further and implement new services and Mobile marketing will be one of the big players.” comments Mr. Sam Karema, General Manager of Altitude Solutions Ltd.

Cytech’s SMS Platform (www.mobile-marketing-platform.com) is a white-label software solution designed for SMS / Text-Message Marketing Campaigns, and stands as the leading SMS Marketing software in Greece, backed by international clients from Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

For information on licensing packages, please contact info [AT] smsp.gr.

About Cytech Ltd.

Cytech Ltd is a mobile applications and mobile marketing solutions provider with an international customer base. Based on its 10-year experience in the field of mobile marketing, the company provides consulting services in mobile marketing and develops its own software solutions which it customizes to the individual customer’s needs.

It is a one-stop mobile marketing powerhouse, with complete solutions for bluetooth / proximity marketingSMS marketing campaignsbulk SMS, or any other type of event marketing.

About Altitude Solutions Ltd.

Altitude Solutions Ltd. is an innovative company which is active in software development and mobile solutions. It is incorporated in Rwanda and provides services to different sectors (Government, Retail, NGO, etc). With an experienced team Altitude Solution Ltd. helps organizations to transform ideas into technology solutions.


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