Personalized SMS & Consumer Profiles Now in SMS Platform 5.2

5.png.rbAthens, GREECE, 15 February, 2012. Cytech Ltd. rolls out Consumer Profiles & Personalized SMS Marketing campaigns in its latest version of the SMS Platform, which also includes an HTTP API for Bulk SMS, among other features. The SMS Platform is a white-label software solution for SMS Marketing Campaigns, with international installations in Europe, N. America, Africa and Asia.

You can check the Online Demo to see some of the new features first-hand. For more information read on below:

Consumer Profiles

Starting from version 5.2 the SMS Platform stores a considerable amount of information about each mobile phone number in your contacts list, which can be used to identify appropriate target groups, as well as to generate Personalized SMS messages.

In addition, SMSP now stores aggregate information about the number of SMS sent to, or received by each Mobile Phone number, making available qualitative information such as which people in your consumer audience are the most active, easy for you to identify high-spenders, loyal customers for special offers, 'Invalid' mobile phone numbers which you can delete, 'quiet' consumers that you can follow-up, frequent users (e.g. for radio/TV shows) that you can reward, etc.


Personalized SMS

Personalized Messages are a great way to develop a close relationship with your customers. They provide the customer with a feeling of personal contact and contribute to a communication flow which increases interaction and involvement.

The SMS Platform now supports sending fully personalized SMS messages, using the personal information stored in each consumer profile, so that you can address your target audience directly and appeal to them on the personal level.

With a simple "Dear ${name}" in your SMS body, the system automatically transforms each message to "Dear John" for the contact named John Scott, and "Dear Anthony" for the contact named Anthony Boyce, meaning that everyone receives an SMS addressed to him/her personally.


Targeted SMS Marketing Campaigns

On top of personalizing your SMS messages, the Consumer Profile information can also be used to identify and create new target groups for your SMS Marketing Campaigns.

When you segment your target audience you will be able to give them information that you know will be of interest and to present them offers that you know are likely to appeal to them.

You can now use a variety of different demographics such as age, gender, area, country, etc., as well as other information such as the frequency of messages sent by the consumer to your Premium SMS campaigns, the carrier they belong to, etc. so you can address your message to the right group of recipients: the ones it relates to!



The SMS Platform now provides full interconnection capabilities with 3rd-party software for sending Bulk SMS through an HTTP API.This means that platform customers can SMS-enable their website, application or software. With the SMS Gateway HTTP API, it is now possible for platform users to implement any of the below, directly from their website:

  • automatic order update notifications via SMS,

  • automatic booking confirmations via SMS,

  • short newsletters/updates/promotional messages/running offers via SMS,

  • event notifications,

  • and many many more..


Reworked SMS Marketing Campaigns

The brand new SMS Marketing Campaigns introduced in version 5.2 combine the powers of 2-way Interactive SMS services with the directness of Bulk SMS Marketing.

It is now possible to group any number of 2-way SMS services and Bulk SMS dispatches under the same campaign, so that you can e.g. group together different promotions (e.g. per time of year, per client, per geographic area, etc.), each including many calls-to-action or message broadcasts.

The 2-way SMS Service creation wizards have also been redesigned to make it easier and faster for you to setup. In addition, they now also feature automatic Opt-Out, so that you can implement Subscription services where consumers simply text e.g. the word ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe, as well as Double SMS Opt-In capabilities, for countries with stricter SMS Opt-In regulations.

Rich Reporting

To make every day monitoring of the activity of your SMS Marketing campaigns an easier task, SMSP now features a number of handy charts that visualize aggregate information about the performance and activity of your campaigns.

About Cytech Ltd.

Cytech Ltd. is a mobile applications and mobile marketing solutions provider with an international customer base. Based on its 10-year experience in the field of mobile marketing, the company provides consulting services in mobile marketing and develops its own software solutions which it customizes to the individual customer’s needs.

It is a one-stop mobile marketing powerhouse, with complete solutions for bluetooth / proximity marketing, SMS marketing campaigns, bulk SMS, or any other type of event marketing.


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