SMS Quiz Service

Quiz Value Added Service

The Quiz Service allows you to setup and run a quiz as a series of multiple choice questions. In each question you need to define the list of possible answers, each with its keyword(s). Users can send their answers to the Quiz questions via SMS.

The Quiz service provides the platform users with the ability to create quizzes or questionnaires with one or more questions. End users can participate by sending in their answer to the first question of the quiz or questionnaire, which has been advertised to the user through some other medium, such as the TV, the radio, a newspaper or the internet. If the first answer is correct the user is considered to have entered the quiz and is then sent the next question with its possible answers via SMS. If the user answers correctly the next question will be sent, until either the user answers a question incorrectly or the user answers the final question correctly. Users who answer all questions correctly are considered to have won the quiz, and users who answer incorrectly will be sent a notification SMS that they have lost.

Usage Scenarios

Quiz Services are usually used by organisers of quizzes, treasure hunts, etc. The quiz is run via SMS to a premium number, in order to make the profit necessary to cover the cost of the prizes.



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