SMS OpinionPlus Service

OpinionPlus Value-Added Service

The OpinionPlus Service allows you to receive plain SMS messages and record your users' opinions, comments, questions, feedback, or any other input. In addition, the OpinionPlus Service allows you to edit or reject any inappropriate messages, and only accept the ones you wish.

The OpinionPlus service allows end users to send in their opinion about a specific subject. The owner of the service can use this service to record the opinion of the general public and accept questions or answers. The OpinionPlus service offers the same functionality as the Opinion service, with the difference that it allows the owner to edit, accept or reject the incoming messages. The mobile users – participants of the service are invited to participate via a different medium – such as the TV, radio, advertising leaflets, etc. – by sending in their questions, answers or opinions as an SMS message to a short code. These messages are received by the SMS Platform and routed to the specific OpinionPlus service. The owner can then view the incoming messages with the public's views, accept or reject each message and, if appropriate, edit the messages as well.

Usage Scenarios 

OpinionPlus Services are used by radio or TV shows, that need to control over the content displayed in the messages. The service owners have the option to only accept messages with appropriate content, and reject or modify the rest. 



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