Interactive (2-way) Value-Added SMS Services

What is it?


Interactive 2-way SMS Services allow you to set up a communication channel via SMS between you and your audience / consumer target group. You simply ask them to send an SMS from their mobile phone, starting with a designated keyword, to a designated short code, in order to participate in your SMS Marketing campaign.

The Mobile Marketing Platform (SMSP) is used to design, create and manage SMS Marketing services. It is developed to exploit the unique capabilities and opportunities of the mobile as a marketing channel. It provides all the functionality needed to implement a number of marketing scenarios.

SMSP provides a number of off-the-shelf 2-way SMS Services, in order to cover the wide variety of needs for today's mobile marketing campaigns. Although each service suits specific requirements, the open architecture of the platform allows new services to be added as well as the inter - communication with other platforms / technologies.

Single Opt-In, Double Opt-In, Opt-Out

opt-outOur mobile marketing software takes care of all the hard work of keeping up with regulations and mobile marketing best practices for implementing SMS marketing campaigns.

If you haven't heard of these terms yet, they're the standard terms used to describe different marketing scenarios and the appropriate actions a consumer can take to opt-in (take part in a specific campaign) and opt-out (stop participating).

SMSP implements all these mechanisms for you, off-the-shelf. You only need to select the one that matches your marketing scenario, based on the country you're in and the regulations and constraints in place, and apply it to your Mobile Marketing Campaign.

Who can use it and how?

  • Marketing Agencies,
  • Politicians,
  • Communities,
  • Radio/TV Stations,
  • Retail Shops / B2B Businesses
  • and anyone wishing to set up a direct communication channel with their customers.

2-way Value-Added Services:

Below is a list of the included SMS 2-way Value-Added Services:


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