Multimedia SMS


The SMS Platform also provides you with the ability to include multimedia attachments in your Bulk SMS.

In particular it provides support for WAP Push SMS, which allow you to send your multimedia content, like an attachment to an SMS. The consumer who receives the SMS, will be prompted to visit the link that the WAP Push SMS message contains, so that they can view and download the content.

WAP Push SMS are commonly used to distribute premium multimedia content (such as ringtones, wallpapers, mobile applications etc.) to mobile phones, or equally often to attract the consumer to a given webpage.


It provides the available tools to build an online digital content library which you can use to attach files to your SMS messages. You simply upload the file to the library, fill-in your message, select the recipient number or group and the multimedia file, and click Send, as shown in the pictures below.

bulk_wappush_send  bulk_wappush_upload
Please Note: You can set the sender of your bulk SMS messages to either an alphanumeric value or a short code used by the platform (as long as the option is provided from your bulk SMS aggregator).


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