Our Bulk SMS software tool provides full interconnection capabilities with 3rd-party software through an HTTP API

Using our HTTP API your customers can enable their website, application or software for sending SMS, substantially extending its communication capabilities with the end consumer.

To add SMS sending to their website, all they need is to have their tech team implement a basic HTTP API, that allows them to send messages through your platform.


Here is a list of indicative capabilities afforded by our SMS Gateway software HTTP/S API:

  • Just like you can do from our web-based control panel, the HTTP/S connection supports text, Unicode, binary SMS and flash messaging.
  • You can send concatenated SMS of more than the standard 160 chars for GSM / 70 chars for UCS-2, so that you have extended length messages.
  • You can set up Delivery Notification Reports using either a Push - type model where our SMS Gateway automatically forwards the DLRs to your application, or a Pull - type model where your application requests pending DLRs from our SMS Gateway software
  • You can request to send your text messages using an alphanumeric sender ID (please note this also requires support from your Bulk SMS aggregator).
  • You can send multiple SMS with a single HTTP request
  • You can send personalized SMS text messages.

Test the SMS HTTP API:

testing_http_apiIf you have created an account on our system and have enough balance to send an SMS message, you can test our HTTP API by inserting the following in your browser.



  • <username>: is the e-mail address you used to sign up, properly URL-encoded.
  • <password>:is the password you inserted when signing up, properly URL-encoded.
  • <from>:is the alphanumeric sender ID you would like to use, properly URL-encoded.
  • <to>:s the mobile number to which you would like to send your message, properly URL-encoded.


What you can use this for:

With the SMS Gateway HTTP API, which our SMS Gateway software offers, it is thus possible for a customer of yours to set up their website to send any of the below, e.g. :

  • automatic order update notifications via SMS,
  • automatic booking confirmations via SMS,
  • short newsletters via SMS,
  • event notifications
  • and many many more..

Our system simply accepts the 'send SMS' command and routes the SMS message in the same manner as all other messages generated and sent through the web-based control panel.


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