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The Bulk SMS tool allows you to schedule your SMS dispatches for a time in the future, when it would be most appropriate for the consumers to receive your message.

Your campaign manager should not necessarily be available at the exact time when you want your promotional message to be sent out via SMS. All he or she would have to do is program our system to send your customer's SMS messages at the desired point in time, and attend other more pressing business, knowing that our system will guarantee the messages will be dispatched right on schedule.


We recommend to all our customers, as good practice, to always schedule their SMS for dispatch, rather than send them directly. This way, they can afford to double-check their message, as it sits in the Scheduled SMS Queue, to make sure they can catch last minute mistakes they would have otherwise missed. And these are the type of mistakes that cost and we only realize when its too late to stop the SMS from leaving.

On the other hand, scheduled SMS dispatches can always be canceled, at no cost or trouble, simply with the click of a mouse, so that it would be removed from the Scheduled SMS Queue. No SMS will ever leave - nor will you be charged. Just call this our way of letting you make up for your mistakes.



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