Detailed SMS Reports


The Bulk SMS tool provides a detailed report with the history of all your SMS dispatches (Group or Single), allowing you to always have the most up-to-date information about the status of your SMS messages.

In the dynamic environment of Bulk SMS where change is the only constant, knowing the detailed delivery status of each and every SMS routed through your system is crucial in ensuring the high quality of service that brings customer satisfaction.


With our overview charts you can quickly, with a single glance, get the overview of how well your Bulk SMS service is performing, and make appropriate changes to the routing, switch between bulk SMS providers, and inform your customers before they report the problem to you.

GroupHistoryView GroupDetailsHistoryView

We ensure your customers are as informed as possible about the status of each SMS sent, converting and mapping all the different confusing error codes passed by international aggregators and carriers alike, into understandable text for your users - your customers.



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