Group SMS

sms_2wayOur Mass Text Message Software can be used to send bulk SMS messages to mobile phones, either to consumers who have participated in one of your 2-way SMS services, or to the numbers in your own database.


 Our Bulk SMS software provides an easy-to-use interface for your mass SMS dispatches like the one in the screenshot above(click to enlarge). You may just as easily send SMS either to one (or more) group(s) of users, or to an individual mobile phone number.

Organise your contacts in groups

The mobile phone numbers from users of your 2-way SMS service, or other contacts you have imported into the system using the Contacts Management page, can be easily organised into groups, which allows them to be used as the recipients of mass text message dispatches.


For more information on the Contacts Management capabilities provided by our platform, and how to view and edit contact profile information, please see here.


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