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One of the most important features offered by our SMS Marketing Software is the ability to store additional information about your Contacts List and build complete Consumer Profiles, so you can better target your SMS Marketing Campaigns using a variety of different demographics such as carrier, age, gender, area, country, etc.

The Contacts management features are located within a single page which allows you to quickly and easily create, view and modify contact information, as well as import your contacts from file and group them together for performing group SMS dispatches.

Targeted SMS Marketing Campaigns

In addition, our mobile marketing software stores information about the number of SMS messages sent to, or received by each Mobile Phone number allowing you to turn quantitative data into qualitative information such as:target-dart_128

  • which people in your consumer audience are the most active,
  • identify high-spenders,
  • identify loyal customers for sending special offers,
  • identify 'dead' mobile phone numbers,
  • identify 'inactive' consumers so you can contact them for giving them incentive,
  • identify frequent listeners (e.g. for radio/TV shows), etc.

Ease of Use

From the Contacts Management table above you can perform a series of actions which are depicted in the screenshots below:


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