What is it?

Consumers text a keyword to a shortcode to retrieve a Mobile Coupon.

How does it work?

The Txt4Coupon is a 2-way SMS service that allows you to share your discount, offer, or special available with the broad public by making it available through the channel of SMS.

Any consumer wishing to participate in your SMS Marketing campaign to get your special offer, can simply text in your reserved keyword to a specific shortcode, in order to retrieve an SMS containing either a redeem code in plain text, or a link to a multimedia coupon accessible through their phone's mobile internet connection.


Tailored to your Needs

Marketing campaigns are never all the same and they are never simple. Varying customer needs must be fulfilled, meaning each marketing scenario must be tailored to the individual customer's needs.

We know this only too well and have designed our system to be as versatile as possible - meaning you will be able to satisfy all your customers' needs when it comes to Mobile Coupon Marketing Campaigns.

Txt4Coupon Service Options
Number of codes You can choose between either using a different code per consumer, so that each and every consumer that would text in your keyword would receive a unique code, or using only a specific number of codes, meaning that only the first N consumers would get a coupon.
Code Generation You have the option of uploading your own, pre-generated, codes into the system, or letting the SMS Platform do all the hard work for you and automatically generate the number of codes you specify.
Unique Redemption Allows you to select whether each code can be validated only once (if true), or an unlimited number of times (if false), meaning you can cater for any marketing scenario.
Live Redemption

Using this, you can have online validation of each coupon code. This means you can choose between two options:

  1. integrating our Redemption HTTP API into your own e.g. point-of-sale system and have the consumer bring their mobile coupon to the counter, where the cashier can, for instance, scan the barcode on it and confirm its validity, or
  2. allowing each consumer to redeem their own mobile coupons, by sending them a link to a webpage in our platform, where they can view their coupon and validate it (if appropriate for your marketing scenario) even while at the counter, in front of the cashier, to receive their discount / rebate. 


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