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What is it?

Consumers scan a QR code to retrieve their Mobile Coupon and, optionally, find out if they've won.

How does it work?

The Scan & Win mCoupon service allows you to setup mobile marketing campaigns, utilizing QR codes as the call-to-action for participants.

Interested consumers simply point their camera at the QR code and - through their mobile internet connection - retrieve a Mobile Coupon, which they can save on their phones.


Tailored to your Needs

Marketing campaigns are never all the same and they are never simple. Varying customer needs must be fulfilled, meaning each marketing scenario must be tailored to the individual customer's needs.

We know this only too well and have designed our system to be as versatile as possible - meaning you will be able to satisfy all your customers' needs when it comes to Mobile Coupon Marketing Campaigns.

Scan & Win Service Options
Number of codes

You can choose between embedding a different code in each QR code in your marketing campaign, or allowing only a specific number of participants / codes to have their codes validated.

Code Generation You have the option of uploading your own, pre-generated, codes into the system, or letting the SMS Platform do all the hard work for you and automatically generate the number of codes you specify.
Unique Redemption

You can have the same coupon code embedded in all QR codes, to make it easier to find printing / embedding solutions, and allow unlimited redemptions of the same code (suitable for e.g. newspaper promotions, where you might want multiple readers of the same copy of the newspaper to redeem the code), or, if this does not suit your scenario allow only one redemption per coupon (suitable for e.g. on-pack promotions, where you want just the person who purchased the product to be able to redeem the code - only once).

Live Redemption

Using this, you can have online validation of each coupon code. This means you can choose between two options:

  1. integrating our Coupon Redemption HTTP API into your own e.g. point-of-sale system and have the consumer bring their mobile coupon to the counter, where the cashier can, for instance, scan the barcode on it and confirm its validity, or
  2. allowing each consumer to redeem their own mobile coupons, by sending them a link to a webpage in our platform, where they can view their coupon and validate it (if appropriate for your marketing scenario) even while at the counter, in front of the cashier, to receive their discount / rebate. 


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