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A Mobile Coupon is an electronic coupon delivered to a mobile phone, which can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product or service.

Mobile Coupons are commonly used in retail stores, as part of sales promotions, to attract customers in-store or to entertainment attractions and services.

Common types of mobile coupons you can use, depending on your individual scenario, are: Money-off, Free, Buy-One-Get-One-Free, Multiple-Purchase, Time-Release, Self-Destruct, Crossruff, etc.

mCoupons in SMSP

Our software supports both SMS, as well as QR code type Mobile Coupons, which the customer redeems either in-store, or online, using their phone's internet connection.

We provide support for a wide area of options when it comes to setting up your Mobile Coupons campaign, so that you can implement virtually any marketing scenario you can think of with Mobile Couponing.

Please take a look at each available mCoupon service type below for more details:

SMS Coupons



What is it?

Text or Multimedia Coupons delivered via Bulk SMS to your lists of contacts.




What is it?

Consumers text a keyword to a shortcode to retrieve a Mobile Coupon.

QR Code Scan & Win



What is it?

Consumers scan a QR code to retrieve their Mobile Coupon and, optionally, find out if they've won.


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