Web based Opt-in


What is it?

Enables consumers to join in a campaign through a web based form.

Build a list of customer contact details quickly and efficiently. Start with an online banner or a text link campaign and increase the size of your online leads database. This feature of SMSP is a cost effective way for companies of all sectors to build up new prospect list or expand their existing database and increase their revenue, utilizing the new Mobile Marketing opportunities provided by today’s smartphones.

How does it work?

Two simple steps are required:

  1. Set up a Web Opt In Service in SMSP

  2. Set up a Form that will forward the data to our Mobile Marketing Platform, by either:

    1. Implementing your own form that will submit the data to our platform, OR

    2. Using the hosted form solution that is provided by our platform and redirect users to that form from your Online Banners and Text Links.

Engagement possibilities
Contests Organize on-line competitions and invite people to participate by filling in a web form with their personal details.

Through your web site ask potential customers to fill in a form, so you can send them extra information directly to their mobile phones such as tips, news, and valuable content in general.

Sales Invite users to fill in a form with their mobile phone number so they can receive your updates and your special offers, discounts and promotions via SMS.

Ask your visitors to submit their personal details in order your support team to contact them for free.

Our Mobile Marketing Platform also supports a double opt in procedure, so the user cannot insert a mobile phone number other than their own. This is accomplished by sending to the submitted mobile phone an SMS with a code which is required in order the user to fulfill the opt in form.


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