NFC Opt-in


What is it?

Enables consumers to participate in a campaign by tapping an NFC tag.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is gaining a great deal of attention because of its interactivity. NFC is nowadays a powerful mobile marketing tool that provides an interactive engagement opportunity for the mobile user, as well as data collecting opportunities due to its ability to bridge off-line and on-line media and transfer customers from a printing medium (newspaper, product package, poster etc) into an interactive environment such as a web page.

How does it work?

NFC works in a very simple manner. The only requirement is some NFC tags in order to place them in an advertisement medium, such as a poster. The consumer in order to read the tags needs to have an NFC-enabled handset and to hold it near to the spot that contains your passive NFC chip (e.g. poster) and the communication between the two NFC tags will commence immediately!

With SMSP 3 simple steps are required to set up an NFC Marketing Campaign:

  1. Set up a Web Opt-In Service in SMSP

  2. Enter the appropriate data and your NFC tag will be automatically created.

  3. Choose the URL that will link to the opt-in form that will forward the data to our Mobile Marketing Platform, by either:

    1. Implementing your own form that will submit the data to our platform, OR

    2. Using the hosted form solution that is provided by our platform and redirect users to that form from your NFC tags.


Employing NFC in your marketing campaign makes you a leader in strategic marketing since it is still relatively new to the market. NFC opt in method provides better targeting options since it provides the customer with location-based information delivery at the appropriate time for purchase and decision making.

Here are some examples:

Engagement possibilities
Contests / Tap2Win Organize competitions and among the participation options give people the choice to enter the competition also by tapping a NFC chip that will lead them to the opt in form.

Suitable for outdoor and in-store promotions e.g. in a supermarket shelf an NFC chip could be embedded with a message such “Tap here to learn more information” and the user will be landed to your opt-in page thus his/hers mobile number will be included in your database for the delivery of future messages/promotions by SMS.

Sales On advertising material like product packages and posters that promote a new product or service the NFC chip could contain a message such “Tap here if you wish to receive a free sample” or “Tap here and buy a ticket now!” and user's contact details will be at the disposal of your sales department.
User Support

On product's packages a NFC with the caption “Need help” Tap this and download the manual” or “”Need help? Tap this and we will give you a call back” and the mobile user will land in the opt in page providing his contact details at your support department.

Our Mobile Marketing Platform also supports a double opt in procedure, so the user cannot insert a mobile phone number other than their own. This is accomplished by sending to the submitted mobile phone an SMS with a code which is required in order the user to fulfill the opt in form.


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