Mobile App: SMSP NFC


 SMSP NFC is an Android application that solves the problem of the personalization / creation of your NFC tags, allowing you to easily and cost-effectively create the NFC Tags needed in promoting your Campaigns.

SMSP NFC displays all Services and mCoupons that have been already set up in the Campaign Manager, which can utilize web-based technologies –like Web Forms and mCoupon Scan & Win.



Write your own NFC Tags

Using SMSP NFC you can easily utilize the directness and ease-of-use of the NFC technology and quickly create the promotional material in the form of NFC tags, that need to be physically personalized before they can be distributed via posters, signs, badges, etc.

You write the NFC Tags and embed them in places with easy access. Once they are read they redirect the user to the appropriate web page for them to opt-in to your Campaign, or retrieve a mobile coupon, etc.

Combine with QR codes

In addition, you can download the matching QR code and use it in posters, so that you offer multiple –easy to use– ways for users to participate to your Campaign, while offering more or less a uniform experience to all consumers, regardless of the way the participate to your campaign.

Quick & Easy Setup

1. Create an account on our Online Demo (you can quickly sign up with your Google/Hotmail account).

2. Download the app from Google Play.

3. Login to the app.

You're now ready to start your tests!